Everest CP - Everest Printer Utilities


Use the Everest Printer Utilities to view and adjust printer settings, update the printer firmware, and manually print to a case. 

To open the Everest Printer Utilities:

1. In Windows Services, stop the Rimage USP Producer. 

2. Navigate: Start > Rimage Automation Suite > Everest Printer Utility.


The Everest Printer Utility has 6 tabs:

Status - View the current status of the printer. 
Use the Reset Retransfer Count to set the count to full 500. 
Use the Set Retransfer Temperature to adjust the temperature used during retransfer process.

Alignment - View the current print alignment settings for Thumb and Pocket cases, use the Modify button to make adjustments. 
Density - View the current color density settins, use the Modify button to make adjustments. 
Temp/Pressure - View the heat roller temperature and pressure settings,  use the Modify button to make adjustments. 
Firmware Update - Update the printer firmware. For additional information, see article: https://support.rimage.com/hc/en-us/articles/4402703128077-Update-Firmware-on-Maestro-and-Everest-CP
Print - Manually print to the Everest CP

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