Can I install Windows 10 on my embedded Rimage System?


Embedded systems run on an embedded PC, which by default uses a standardized image from Rimage. The information below is applicable to embedded systems that shipped from Rimage with Windows 7 installed.

Depending on the motherboard used in the embedded PC, you have the option to source your own Windows 10 installation media/license/etc, install it on the embedded PC, and then install Rimage Software Suite 9.1 or later. However, the recovery disc for your system would still install Windows 7, and support may request that you run the recovery disc (which would install Windows 7) if in the course of troubleshooting an issue it appears that there may be an issue related to the OS. Also, please note that if the system is replaced (e.g. under Rapid Exchange) the replacement system would be imaged with Windows 7 just as your original system was.

To check which motherboard is used in your embedded Rimage system, please see the following article:

If your system uses a Q87 motherboard, the motherboard would be compatible with Windows 10, and thus you should be able to install Windows 10 on this system provided that you have the discs/installer for Rimage Software Suite 9.1 or later. It is recommended to perform a clean install of Windows 10 rather than upgrade an existing Windows 7 system to Windows 10. You will also likely need Windows 10 drivers, which can be found here:

If the motherboard in your system is a Q67 or lower, Windows 10 is not supported as drivers are not available.

Please note that you should only attempt to install Windows 10 if you’ve been provided a copy of RSS 9.1 or later by Rimage and if you have the standard recovery disc for your system available in the event something goes wrong. If your system is covered by a Rapid Exchange contract you may request an updated version of software by reaching out to support; for further details about requesting software updates please see

If your system is not under contract, we can work with you to help determine if your system might eligible for a contract/renewal. Similarly, if you no longer have the original software installation disc we can also determine which version of software would have originally shipped with your system and advise whether or not that version would be Windows 10 compatible, and advise of your options from there.

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