Can I install Windows 10 on the PC attached to my non-embedded Rimage System?


Non-embedded systems run using your own, separate computer. As such, these systems do not run on a standardized image provided by Rimage. If you’re currently running on Windows 7 with Rimage Software Suite 9.1 or later installed, you should be able to upgrade the PC to Windows 10. For best results, we suggest re-imaging/installing a clean Windows 10 image and then installing the software suite rather than doing an in-place upgrade from Windows 7. If this isn’t possible in your environment, we would suggest uninstalling the Rimage Software Suite prior to performing the upgrade, then re-installing the software after completing the OS upgrade.

If your Rimage Software Suite version is 9.0 or lower, you should only attempt to upgrade to Windows 10 if you’ve been provided a copy of RSS 9.1 or later by Rimage. If your system is covered by a Rapid Exchange contract you may request an updated version of software by reaching out to support; please see

If your system is not under contract, we can work with you to help determine if your system might eligible for a contract/renewal. Similarly, if you no longer have the original software installation disc we can also determine which version of software would have originally shipped with your system and advise whether or not that version would be Windows 10 compatible, and advise of your options from there. 

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