RSS 9.1 Highlights


Rimage is pleased to announce the release of Rimage Software Suite(RSS) 9.1. This release introduces some new utilities and a number of new features. While highlights are covered below, for the complete list of changes, please see the RSS 9.1 Release Notes

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We do encourage your careful review of the Release Notes so you can be aware of any impact to your own operations.

Compatible with custom clients using 8.0 SDK and above

  • Client tools using the 8.0 SDK or higher will remain compatible with no loss of functionality.

Order Archive Database

  • Store user defined information when discs are recorded
    • User supplied description of the disc
    • Location the disc will be stored
    • Metadata (who, what, when, etc)
  • Available in QuickDisc today
    • via 9.1 SDK ~Q2 2016
  • All data stored on the Rimage or in a user specified database - No information sent to Rimage

Order Archive Manager (OAM)

  • OAM client is a powerful tool to search archived jobs
  • Find what disc a file was recorded to and where it got stored
  • OAM client is a one-click install similar to current QuickDisc client
  • OAM increases the usefulness of your Rimage system as an archiving device

System Watch

  • Light-weight - runs in system tray
  • One-click install similar to other clients
  • Easy access to WebRSM and tools
  • Configure alerts and errors for monitoring your Rimage system or a whole install-base of systems

Spanned Set

  • RSS 9.1 now includes the ability to submit a partial spanned set - recover rather than starting over

WebQD Enhancements

  • Added "Print on Disc Only" job
  • Added encryption features
  • Improved "Add Folder" Java behavior


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