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Announcing Rimage Software Suite 9.0

Rimage is pleased to announce the release of RSS 9.0. This release introduces some enhancements to the look and feel of the software and a number of new features. While highlights are covered below, for the complete list of changes, please see the RSS 9.0 Release Notes

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We do encourage your careful review of the Release Notes so you can be aware of any impact to your own operations.

Rimage Software Suite Installer

RSS 9.0 introduces a new installer for the software. This installer will allow for future enhancements to the way updates, service packs and new releases are installed. RSS 9.0 also introduces a new QuickDisc Client setup (QDsetup.exe) located in the \Rimage\Setups folder. This stand-alone installer can be used for fast and easy client only installs. As a silent MSI package, IT departments can use this to quickly deploy the client across a large number of systems.

Rimage QuickDisc

QuickDisc remains the popular out of the box client for submitting jobs to the Rimage, but it has received a modern look and feel. The changes are intended to make it easier for experienced users to use the software while still being intuitive to use for a novice. This is done by giving users the ability to bypass the project wizard and create a job with a label and data from one screen.

Some additional new features include:

  • Ability to print .jpg graphic files directly from QuickDisc without having to create a .pdf or .btw label file first
  • Added automatic bulk read functionality to QuickDisc, allowing users to quickly read optical discs and copy to the hard drive or network location using the autoloader functionality
  • New and updated label templates, with the ability to download additional templates through QuickDisc
  • Easily and quickly set QuickDisc preferences to mirror settings saved in a file by double-clicking the saved file

Rimage System Manager / WebRSM

The biggest change is the inclusion of Network Publisher capabilities directly within the Rimage Software Suite. Rimage System Manager now allows this functionality with no additional software or expense. This should be fully backwards compatible with existing Network Publisher based workflows.

Both the Rimage System Manager application and the WebRSM version have been updated with new settings for controlling Rimage log files and ability to disable recorders manually without waiting for an error indication.

Rimage Production Server

The Rimage Production Server is the main engine that drives the robotics, recording and printing. RSS 9.0 introduces a new PDF printing engine that will improve the PDF printing experience with Rimage. Additional enhancements include log files to better understand how your Rimage system is performing, and support for burning Blu-ray QL media with 128 GB capacity discs.

Rimage Image Server

Rimage Image Server, the software that takes your data and creates an image that can be recorded to optical disc, also has some new capabilities. These include the ability to encrypt file and folder names when recording encrypted discs, improved layout for DVD-DL movies, and support for 128 GB image files as needed for Blu-ray QL media.

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