My product is End of Service. What does it mean to me?


After an End of Service designation has been made to a range of serial numbers:

  • Existing service agreements will be honored through their expiration dates
  • Other service options will become more limited
  • New service agreements will no longer be initiated
  • Some parts will continue to be available, but many parts are not user installable due to special tools or training that may be required
  • Scarcity of parts may affect their pricing
  • Rimage will provide time and material repairs on a best effort basis

And, in all cases and including End of Service situations, please remember that:

  • Your software may also need to be updated to work with some new hardware
  • Parts sold for end user installation/repair are not returnable or exchangeable

If you are interested in trading your old Rimage system in, find more information about your options here. You can also find out why a new system may be your best option.


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