End of Service Trade-In Program


Rimage End of Service Trade-In Program

Thanks for being a Rimage customer! If you own a Rimage End of Service (EOS) system and are interested in purchasing a new system, you may be eligible for trade-in credit on your old system.


Why a new system may be your best option

  • An older system that is repaired is still not “new” and may see repeated need for service. This can impact your production deadlines.
  • Our hardware components and software are matched for maximum performance. Running new software on old hardware may adversely affect system throughput.
  • New systems are more than just a newer version of what you had. Systems today offer a host of recording, printing, and media options what were not even available 3+ years ago, along with throughput improvements and additional accessories.


Ready to Save?

Find a Rimage Authorized Reseller near you. Contact us today to speak with a Rimage representative to assist you.



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