Producer V/Catalyst - Replace Gripper Board


This procedure details the steps for removing and installing the gripper board in Producer V 8300/N
and Catalyst 6000/N systems.


Required Tools
• Torx 10 screw driver


Before You Begin
• Stop the Rimage Production Server
• Power off the Rimage System
• Remove the printer from its bracket


Remove the Gripper Board

1. Remove the cable guard. Push up on the narrow side of the cable guard until it is clear of the
gripper cover. Then, pull it out of the system and set it aside.


2. Disconnect the flex cable. Release the connect or for the flex cable by lift each side of its lock.


3. Remove the screws. Use a Torx 10 screwdriver to remove the screws (Qty. 3) that are securing
the arm, supporting the gripper board with your other hand.


4. Remove the gripper board. Supporting the gripper board with your hand, gently lower it out of
the gripper cover.




Install the Gripper Board

1. Install the gripper board. Lift the gripper board into the gripper cover. Align the gripper board
with the screw holes, and hold it in place.


2. Install the first screw. While supporting the gripper board with one hand, install one of the Torx
10 screws (Qty. 1) into one of the screw holes near the middle of the gripper. This screw will
support the gripper board while the remaining screws are installed.


3. Install the remaining screws.


4. Connect the flex cable. Insert the flex cable into its connector, making sure it is flush and fully
inserted. Then, press down on the connector lock to secure the cable.7_-_connect_flex.PNG

5. Install the cable guard. Place the wide end of the cable guard, using the lip on the bottom to
catch the bottom edge of the gripper board. The guard should collect, but not pinch, the flex


The gripper is now installed, and the system can be powered on.
It is recommended to run Diagnostics Lift Calibration after replacing the gripper assembly.

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