RSS 9.2 Highlights


Rimage is pleased to announce the release of Rimage Software Suite(RSS) 9.2. This release introduces a brand new Rimage System Manager and support for the Allegro series inkjet systems. While highlights are covered below, for the complete list of changes, please see the RSS 9.2 Release Notes


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We do encourage your careful review of the Release Notes so you can be aware of any impact to your own operations.


  • Completely new Rimage System Manager
  • Improved hash verification features
  • QuickDisc now has option to include manifest in image
  • Slim install now allows label downloading


Rimage System Manager

  • Utilizes System Watch interface from the system tray, which allows monitoring even without the application windows being open


  • Keeps all the most used features on the front page, while putting the less frequently used options under one Menu button


  • Improved job control with context sensitive options and the ability to control multiple jobs at once


  • New Log Viewer to monitor and access every Rimage log from the entire suite in one place




Rimage Manifest File

  • Quick Disc now includes the ability to include a manifest file listing the entire contents of the disc onto a disc being burned automatically


Quick Disc Labels

  • To offer a wider range of label templates and improve the size and speed of the software suite install, labels now are downloadable from within Quick Disc. Download them all or just the ones you want to use with an easy interface.


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