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Label Design Requirements

The Maestro Rimage Automation Suite includes the Quick Design label editing software, which is installed on your PC during a typical installation of the Rimage software.

If you have another software application that you prefer, or if you are using a MacOS computer, you can create a label and save it as an Acrobat®(.pdf) file, a JPEG image (.jpg/jpeg) file, a Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg), or a Tagged Image File (.tif/.tiff) file.

Pocket case labels should be designed for a dimension of 85.5mm x 54mm.

Thumb case labels should be designed for a dimension of 54mm x 25mm.

Label templates for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign are available as downloads below.

For label artwork created outside of Quick Design it is recommended to create RGB artwork at 600dpi.

Tip: Do not apply masking layers to your graphic elements. The final image should be fully bled to the edges and not cut out in the shape of the case. The Quick Design software will automatically mask your image to match the pocket or thumb case when it prints.

Tip: Avoid putting important content within 2mm of the edge to prevent image loss.

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