Add serialization to your label file


In The Label File:
1. Add a text field, set the text to your starting line: Serial#: 01 
2. Right click the text and select the Transforms tab.
3. On the Serialization line, press the button to the right of field.
4. On the Serialization Tab: Select the Increment radio button, Check the box for "Preserve the number of characters", all other fields remain at 1.
5. On the Reset tab: Check the box for "Specified value is reached", set the value to 99, set the Reset Value to 01. 
6. Presee OK to Save these changes, save and close the label. 

In QuickDisc: When submitting an order with a label that has Serialization, you will need to change a setting so that the label is saved after every print (rather than every job).
1. In the Job Wizard, press the Settings button. 
2. Select Printing.
3. In the "Save label counter when printing" drop down, select Save.


You can use the serialize.btw file as an example of how it works in the label.

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