Production Server - Manually set bin settings in the Registry


Issue - Bin settings changes in Rimage System Manager revert to defaults after a reboot.

Cause - This is likely a permissions/environmental issue. The bin settings changes are stored in the memory, but not set in the registry due to a permissions issue. When the pc reboots and the memory is cleared, the systems reverts to the bin settings stored in the registry for Production Server.

Workaround - Manually edit the registry settings for the Production Server.

1. Stop the Rimage Production Server.

2. In Windows, open Registry Editor.

3.Navigate: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Rimage_eps\

4. Select Transporter Mappings <Serial Number>

5. To set the Media type, right-click Use Media and select Modify. Enter the numeric value that matches your desired setting:
      0 - CDR
     1 - DVDR
     3 - DVD DL
     4 - Combination
     8 - Blu-ray
     9 - Blu-ray DL

6. To set the bin settings, right-click the Bin 1 and select modify. Enter a numeric value that matches your desired setting. Repeat this process for Bins 2 - 4.

These are used if you have selected a specific media type, such as CDR, DVDR, or BDR.
     0 - Input
     1 - Input or Output
     2 - Output
     3 - Output/Reject

These are used if you have set the media type to Combination.
     6 - CDR Input Only
     7 - DVDR Input Only
     13 - Blue-ray Input Only
     9 - DVD-DL Input Only
     14 - Blu-ray DL Input Only

7. To set the Mailbox settings, right-click the Mailbox and select Modify. Enter a numeric value that matches your desired setting.
     0 - Output
     1 - Output/Reject
     2 - Unused
     3 - Reject

8. Exit Registry editor and restart the Production Server.

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