Catalyst - Disc was Forced into Slot 1 Message


Error: Autoloader Error Dialog on Autoloader 1, HID-0: Error opening printer drawer Autoloader Sense Code = 20 (Disc was forced into slot 1)

What triggers this error are the following:

  1. Must be on version for Rimage Software Suite
  2. Must have a Catalyst 6000(n)
  3. Output slide must be set to reject, or output/reject
  4. You must have a rejected disc


Once Rimage production server gets an error, it moves the disc to the printer to print reject, however it was being told to move it to the output slide instead. There by triggering the error.


The fix for right now till the next release of Rimage Software Suite is to do the following:

  1. Stop Rimage Production Server
  2. Unzip the files attached into C:\Program Files (x86)\Rimage\Production Server
    1. Overwrite the files
  3. Restart Rimage Production Server
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