Everest Encore Firmware - v4.15


This firmware V 4.15 can be loaded on Autoloaders or AutoPrinters using an Everest Encore printer or a stand-alone Everest Encore printer. 

The Everest600Updater.exe is a universal firmware updating tool for use with the Everest 600 and Everest Encore printers. The updater looks at the control board version or printer model number, and automatically applies the correct firmware (all firmware versions are embedded in the application).   


NOTE: Printers with firmware version 4.07 should not update to 4.15. Version 4.07 has the V1 update algorithm and should not be updated to later versions. Printers with version 4.08, and higher, are safe to update to version 4.15.

If you are experiencing a the issue of 4 flashing lights on your printer, you will need to update the firmware manually. Please see the article linked below:

This firmware was released March 2022.

Important ! Please use 0505AF415.hex for Type Board 1 and 0507A415.hex for Type Board 2. Contact Rimage Technical support Team if you are not certain. Using wrong firmware with wrong board bricks the board so recommend to use Automatic Updater always.


You can check that in Windows : Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Devices and Printers.

Right Click on Rimage Everest Encore or E600/Printer Properties/Preferences/Utility/Status Monitor/printer information. See ROM Version to know if it is 0505 or 0507.


Tip: If you are using Remote Desktop Connection to run the Automatic Updater remotely, you must uncheck the Printer box on the Local Resources tab prior to connecting.


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