6000N / 6000 Catalyst Firmware v10.003


The most recent version of autoloader firmware for the Catalyst 6000N / 6000 is v10.003. This release supports both the Everest 600 and Prism III printer. 

Firmware version 10.003 or later is required to support operation of the output bin slide motor. Version 10.003 and later tests for the presence/absence of the slide motor and operates correctly in either case.
Systems that have the output bin slide motor present require firmware version 10.003 or later to function and may not boot correctly if 10.002 or lower firmware is present. If this happens:
1) turn off AC power
2) disconnect output bin motor homesensor 
3) power-up
4) program with 10.003 or later
5) power off
6) connect output bin motor home sensor
7) power on.

Released July 2017

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