Minimize Blue Screen Occurrences


 There have been reports of Blue Screen issues on Systems with Q87 motherboards. Rimage engineering has identified several possible factors.
1. The USB driver installed with Rimage recovery media versions 9.0.188 and 8.7.xx can cause Blue Screen issues.
a. Problem is seen most frequent when storage or KVM devices are plugged into a USB port.
2. The Intel Video driver service that was included in the Windows image for 9.0.232. This is not necessary and can cause issues because the Intel video driver is not installed/utilized.
3. The amount of I/O activity to the C: drive.
a. DVD jobs will download the image to check for RVP.

 Run 9.0.232 recovery disc
 Disable the Intel Video Service
 Disable the RVP checking

The attached procedure details these adjustments.

Contact Rimage Technical Support if the blue screen events continue after making these adjsutments.

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