Copy Station - Camera Calibration Issues


A bug has been identified with the recovery image for the RSS 8.7 with Copy Station which results in missing registry keys for the camera calibration. 

Rimage is aware of this and is actively pursuing a fix to the recovery image. 

The issue can be resolved by manually adding the missing registry items.

1. Click Start and search for regedit to open the Registry Editor. 
2. Navigate to Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Rimage.
3. Right-click Rimage and select New > Key.
4. Enter 'WebcamLib' as the name of the new key. 
5. Select WebcamLib.
6. In the right-hand pane, right-click and create the following DWORD entries: PreCutHeight, PreCutWidth, PreCutXLeft, PreCutYTop.
7. Right-click each DWORD entry and select Modify. Enter the following values:
PreCutHeight: 5a8
PreCutWidth: 5ab
PreCutXLeft: 151
PreCutYTop: 55
8. Navigate to Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Rimage.
9. Repeat steps 3 through 7.

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