How to Enable Auto Bulk Read


This guide explains how to enable Auto Bulk Read (previously called "Automatic Bulk Read") and change the settings to best fit your workflow.


Software Suite Versions 8.7 and Older

  1. Launch Rimage System Manager
  2. Go to and pause Production Server
  3. Open the Production Server settings
  4. Under the "Server" tab change it's operating mode from "Normal" to "Automatic Bulk Read"
  5. Go to the "Reading" tab to determine where the data is stored
  6. If you don't want to copy the images of these discs but rather the data on the discs check the box that says "Extract ISO9660 Images to Folders and Files"
  7. Place the discs you to intend to be read in bin 1 (any overflow would go in bin 2)
  8. Resume Production Server and it will begin Automatic Bulk Read


Software Suite Versions 9.0 and Newer

Newer versions of the Rimage Software Suite have Auto Bulk Read integrated into the QuickDisc software.  To enable:

  1. Launch QuickDisc
  2. If the Quick Start guide doesn't launch select "New" in the top left.  Otherwise proceed to step 3.
  3. Click on the "Advanced Tasks" tab and select "Use Auto Bulk Read to load one or more discs"
  4. Review the default settings and make changes as necessary.
  5. Click "Start" to begin.
  6. The software will confirm you want to proceed and advise you which bins your master discs should be placed in.

NOTE: The steps listed for software versions 8.7 and older will still work for your newer software suite.  Only versions 9.0 and newer have this feature integrated into QuickDisc.



  • Check "Use Volume ID (or UPC/EAN) as Image Folder Name" to use the name of the disc as the name of the extraction folder.
  • If you're only wanting specific data from these discs use an extraction filter.  For example, let's say you only wanted pdf documents to be read in. Enter "*.pdf" into that field and it will only extract the pdf documents it finds.
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