Starting the Rimage Services through the Windows Services console.

If the play, pause, and stop buttons in Rimage System Manager are gray and unavailable, there may be a communication problem between Rimage System Manager and Messaging Server, or the Rimage System Folder. Generally, this problem only occurs with software versions older than 7.0.  To manually start the Rimage Services, follow the procedure below.

Note: You can also use this procedure for troubleshooting purposes.

1. Navigate: Start > Run. The Run window opens.

2. In the Open: field, enter services.msc and select OK. The Services window opens.

3. Navigate to the Rimage Services and make sure that the status for each service is listed as Started.
  • Tip: The Services list defaults to alphabetical order. Each of the Rimage Services begins with 'Rimage'.

4. If a Rimage Service is not listed as Started, right-click on the service and select Start.

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