Troubleshooting a label rendering failure (Error 339)


A label rendering error (Error 339) occurs when CD Designer does not properly render the label for printing. This error can be caused by several factors. Follow the troubleshooting steps below to resolve the error.

Try printing one of the pre-created Rimage labels. Rimage labels are located in the Templates folder. Navigate: C:\ or D:\ > Rimage > QuickDisc Templates > 409.

  • Note: If you still receive the error after printing a Rimage label, there may be a problem with the CD Designer application and the software will need to be reinstalled. Refer to Answer 273 for instructions on uninstalling the Rimage Software Suite.

If the label file is located in a network location, try moving the file to a local location, then print the label again.

  • Note: If the label prints without an error after you move the file to a local location, make sure the RimageServices user account has access to the original location. See your network administrator for help or more information.

If the label contains merge fields, make sure that the reference text file is associated with the label, and that the text file has the correct number of fields. If you are printing through CD Designer, make sure the text file is added to the project.

  • Tip: Refer to the Using Merge Fields document for more information on the correct use of merge fields.

If you are printing with an Everest printer, make sure that the proper print ribbon type is selected in CD Designer:

1. Open the label in CD Designer.
2. Navigate: File > Print. The Print window opens.
3. Select the Document Properties button.
4. In the Properties window, make sure that the ribbon type selected  in the Ribbon dropdown field matches the print ribbon installed in the Everest printer.
5. Select OK. The Properties window closes.

  • Note: Remember to save the label file if you have made changes.


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