Can I create an encrypted ZIP file in QuickDisc?

QuickDisc provides an option to create an AES encrypted ZIP file and record it to a disc. This option is available with data CD and DVD projects only.

Follow the steps below to create an AES encrypted ZIP file and record it to a disc.

1. Create a new Data CD or Data DVD project.

2. Follow the prompts until you reach step 3 of 3.

3. In the Review and Record window, select the More Settings button. The Project Settings window opens.
4. In the navigation pane:
   a. Expand the Disc heading.
   b. Select Image Extensions.
5. From the Image Extensions options:
   a. Select Create a Zip file from contents.
   b. Select Use AES encryption for Zip passwords.
   c. Select Zip file password:.
   d. Enter a password in the field that displays.
   Note: You will need this password to open the Zip file after the disc is created.
6. Select OK. The Project Settings window closes.
7. Select Record to complete the disc project.
Note: The completed disc will contain a single encrypted ZIP file.  You can unzip the file using any standard unzipping utility such as WinZip, WinRar or 7-Zip.  The native unzip utility included with Windows will not be able to unzip these files.
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