What is the difference between installing a Rimage printer driver on a Mac OS X system and installing Discflow on that same system?

The Mac OS X can work in two different configurations:
1) In order to take precreated labels, merge files, and data to be burned and submit a job with all this information together from a Mac, Discflow can be installed on the Mac and it will perform this function.  Discflow cannot be used to create labels; this function needs to be performed by a label-creation program such as Adobe PhotoShop.  (Discflow will only accept PDF files as labels; BTW files from CD Designer cannot be used.)  This configuration is used when it is necessary to submit jobs to a remote Rimage device over a network; it cannot be used for direct connection to a Rimage device.
2) Certain versions of the Mac OS X (specifically, up to OS X 10.5 at the time of writing) can be configured to be attached directly to a Rimage standalone printer (specifically, the Everest III and Everest 600 only).  The CD Designer Software Suite disc contains a separate, Mac-readable HFS partition that contains the necessary printer driver.  Install this driver on the Mac, and print directly from a CD label creation application.
Aside: Discflow 2.2 supports up to Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion), and Discflow 2.3 supports up to 10.8 (Mountain Lion).
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