Prism - Resolving Error 13, color change error on the Prism


When the ribbon on the Prism spools but the printer does not print, or if you get a color change error (Error 13), check the following:


  • Make sure the print ribbon is threaded properly.

  • Make sure that the take-up roll is not rubbing against the print head cover. This disrupts the normal advance of the multicolor ribbon. Remove the ribbon and reinstall.

  • Replace the ribbon if the take-up spool is full.

  • Verify the installed ribbon type against the ribbon type specified in the printer driver. Refer to the Set Ribbon Type, Media Type, and Print Strobe section of Prism Printer User Guide for information on adjusting the ribbon type.

  • If you are using a color ribbon and this problem persists, try using a different color ribbon.

  • Make sure that the label file you are trying to print does not exceed the maximum label height.
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