Checking the hardware and media type settings in RSM.


Unavailable hardware, disabled hardware, or the incorrect media type setting will cause jobs to enter a waiting status. If QuickDisc submits a job and the hardware to do the job is unavailable, the job will remain in a waiting status. The hardware might not have been detected during startup, or it was disabled due to errors.

Follow the instructions below to check the hardware and media type settings in Rimage System Manager (RSM).

1. Open Rimage System Manager.

2. Make sure that the correct number of recorders and the correct printer model display in the Control Center window.

3. Make sure that none of the devices are disabled.

4. Make sure that the media type selection matches the job being submitted. Refer to the instructions in the Change the Media Type Settings document.

  • Note: For single bin autoloaders using software version 7.4 or later, the option to change the media type setting is unavailable. The media type setting in these software versions is normal and does not need to be adjusted.


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