480i - Adjusting the ink carrier bay on the Rimage 2000i.


Adjusting the ink carrier bay on the Rimage 2000i can resolve horizontal streaking. Use the procedure below to raise or lower the height of the ink carrier bay.

Required Tools: Torx T10 screwdriver

1. Open the printer service door on the top rear of the 2000i.

Inside Service Door

2. Locate the T10 screws (Qty. 2) on either side of the black knobs.

Adjustment Screws

3. Loosen the screws.

4. Adjust the ink carrier bay.

  • If you are getting streaks or horizontal lines/smears on the print, turn the black knobs clockwise to lower the bracket and raise the ink carrier bay.


  • If the print appears grainy or unfocused, turn the black knobs counterclockwise to raise the bracket and lower the ink carrier bay.

Adustment Knobs

5. When you are finished adjusting the ink carrier bay, tighten the T10 screws and close the printer service door.

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