AutoPrinter - Correcting picking issues with the AutoPrinter.

Important! Try these solutions in the order they are presented.

Check the alignment of the printer. Refer to the Align the Lift Arm to the Carousel document, or to the Align the Printer section of  AutoPrinter User Guide.

Update the firmware. To find the latest firmware refer to the AutoPrinter support page of the Rimage Support website. Instructions for updating firmware are also available on the AutoPrinter support page.

Make sure you are using Rimage media. Refer to Rimage Brand Media Kits for more information.

  • Reseat the cables.
  • Power off the AutoPrinter.
  • Disconnect the power cable.
  • Connect the power cable. Make sure that the power cable is secure.
  • Power on the AutoPrinter.

Run diagnostic test 3 (Calibrate Lift Home). Refer to one of the following AutoPrinter II Operator Level Diagnostic Tests documents:

Diagnostic Tests for firmware versions 3.609 and higher.

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