Configuring the WebRSM Autodiscovery feature.

WebRSM includes the Autodiscovery feature. This feature allows a WebRSM install to see other installs on the network, allowing remote administration of any system on the network that is autodiscovered from one connection. While this is a very useful feature, the default configuration in large installs can greatly increase the amount of network traffic and queries to the Rimage services.

In larger installs, Rimage recommends disabling the Autodiscovery service on most of the systems, leaving the service on only a few systems that can administer the rest. For example, if you have an install with 18 systems, Autodiscovery can be disabled on 17 systems and left enabled on the 18th system. Any WebRSM connections to the 18th system will be able to administer all 18 systems. Connecting WebRSM to the other 17 systems would only allow administration of that single system.

Use the following procedure to disable autodiscovery in WebRSM.

1. Open the C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\webrsm\web.config file in Notepad or another text editor.

2. Search for the <appSettings> heading in the file, then find the ConnectToDiscoveredMessagingServers value.

3. Change the ConnectToDiscoveredMessagingServers value to False.

Here is an example of the file after modification:



<add key="DefaultEMS" value="localhost"></add>

<add key="ConnectToDiscoveredMessagingServers" value="false"></add>

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