Enabling Verification.

To make sure that your content is properly written to the disc, enable Verification.

Verification compares the data written to the disc, bit for bit, to the cache file from which it was written. As long as the data on the disc matches that of the cache, Verification will pass the disc to the printer for its proper label. If the disc does not match the cache file, Verification will attempt to read the disc one more time at a slower speed, and then reject it if the second comparison fails. The disc will then be sent to the printer, and a label with six black stripes will be printed on it.

Follow these steps to enable Verification:

  1. Start Rimage System Manager (RSM).
  2. From the System Explorer panel, select Production Server. The Production Server information displays in the right panel.
  3. Select the Server Settings button, and then select the Verify tab.
  4. Select the Enable Verification checkbox

  • Note: Below the Enable Verification checkbox, there is an option to change how frequently Verification checks each disc. If you set this option to 3, the Rimage system will check every 3 discs, including the first disc that is recorded. This will reduce production speed. If Verification is set to every 1 disc, the system will verify every single disc that the system produces, which will slow down production. There is not a specification that Rimage recommends for how often Verification should be set to check discs.
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