Determining recorder drive letters.


When determining which recorder drive is failing in a Rimage autoloader, the recorder number listed in the Rimage log file does not necessarily correspond with the recorder's position in the autoloader.

For example, if the Rimage log file shows that "Recorder 1" is experiencing recording failures, the recorder located in the first position in the autoloader is not necessarily the failing drive. Use the following procedure to determine which recorder drive is failing in your system.

1. Open Rimage System Manager.
2. In the Control Center pane, locate the list of recorder drives near the image of the Rimage autoloader.
3. Locate the recorder number that was listed in the Rimage log file.
4. Note the drive letter that is associated with the recorder.
Tip: The drive letter is listed under the image of the recorder.
5. Close Rimage System Manager.
6. From the Windows Start menu, select My Computer.
7. Right-click on the drive letter that you noted in step 4 and select Eject. The recorder tray that opens in the Rimage autoloader belongs to the failing recorder drive. This drive should be replaced.

*NOTE: It may be necessary to pause or stop Production Server before the recorder will respond to the "Eject" command.

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