5400N / 3400 Firmware - v6.036 / v5.032


The most recent version of autoloader firmware for the 5400N and 3400 is v6.036 and v5.032. 

Please make note if your system currently has 5.xxx or 6.xxx firmware installed and download the correct version for your system.

  • Systems with version 6.xxx cannot be programmed with version 5.xxx.
  • Systems with version 5.xxx cannot be programmed with version 6.xxx



Please Do not apply this Firmware V 6.036 and higher in 2400, 3400 & 5400N until you upgrade Hardware of RFID Antenna to use Encore Ribbons in Everest 400. 

Firmware V 6.036 binds the Loader board to use only Encore Ribbons.

So use this Firmware V 6.036 & higher version only if you have upgraded with Part#3003560 KIT, CONVERT E400 CLASSIC TO ENCORE RFID.

Please contact Rimage Technical Support Team if you are not clear at support@rimage.com for USA and support@rimage.de for Europer and Middle East respectively.

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