5410N / 3410 / 2410 ENCORE RFID Firmware - v6.037


The most recent version of autoloader ENCORE RFID firmware for the 5410N / 3410 / 2410 is v 6.037.

Please Do not apply this Firmware V 6.037 and higher to MDD 2410 , 3410 and 5410N until you are planning to upgrade Hardware of RFID Antenna to use Encore Ribbons in Integra with integrated Everest 400. 

Important : Upgrade first firmware of E400 to V 0.53 or higher and then Autoloader Firmware to V 6.037 or higher before upgrading ENCORE RFID Antenna. When Firmware Udates get succeeded power down and do RFID hardware update .

Firmware V 6.037 binds the Loader board to use only Encore Ribbons.

So use this Firmware V 6.037 only if you have plan to upgrade with Part#3003560 KIT, CONVERT E400 CLASSIC TO ENCORE RFID.
Without conversion the last Firmware applied to MDD 2410 , 3410 and 5410N is V 6.033.

Please contact Rimage Technical Support Team if you are not clear write us at:

support@rimage.com for AMAR (USA) and support@rimage.de for EMEA (Europe)


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