Can I use my PrismPlus! printer with Windows 7?


Thank you for being a Rimage customer, we sincerely value you and your business.  We understand you have some questions regarding the upgradability of PrismPlus! printers to Prism III and/or having support for Windows 7 or higher.  Unfortunately some aspects of the upgrade are out of our control; the following details outline why an upgrade is not possible.

Microsoft requires that only Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) signed device drivers be installed on Windows 7 64 bit operating systems.  WHQL stipulates that peripheral devices pass a set of automated software tests from the Universal Serial Device Implementers Forum (USBIF) and Microsoft.  These tests ensure that the peripherals comply with the USBIF and Microsoft requirements for USB Printer Class devices.


The PrismPlus! design is more than 20 years old and the core electronics do not have the necessary foundation to support the prerequisites for a WHQL signed driver. The PrismPlus! does not fully support Windows Plug and Play (PNP) and does not conform to the USB Printer Class Specification because it does not return the mandated IEEE1284 Device ID. Therefore, a PrismPlus! will not pass the USBIF or WHQL tests. Since the PrismPlus! does not have WHQL signed drivers, the modifications to use the PrismPlus! on Windows 7 violate Microsoft requirements.


Our commitment to our customer base and our need to stay compliant as a Microsoft OEM moved us into a redesign of the printer. We incorporated all the new changes and features into a new model, the Prism III.   PrismPlus! can’t be updated, retrofitted, or modified into a Prism III. End users needing Prism printing in a Win 7, or higher, environment and needing full Rimage software and hardware support will need a Prism III printer.


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