Optional Bin Inser for Catalyst


Chris – When we launch this, likely around August, we’ll need to create an “Optional Bin Insert for Catalyst” article. We’ll want to get a picture of the part and how it’s installed into the bin. Text should be:

  • The optional bin insert is recommended for use with lacquer media, or other discs that do not slide easily on top of each other
  • Install the insert as follows (pictures)
  • The insert will change the angle of the discs in the external output to ensure they exit cleanly
  • The maximum output capacity will be reduced from 100 discs when the insert is being used


The plan is to have the bin insert in each accessory box on new systems with a sticker on it. Let me know if you have any questions. We’ll talk again as it gets closer to being available.


This is a place holder artivel. It is currently in DRAFT mode and will stay that way until the article can be completed with pictures and the timing is correct to pair with implementation of the hardware. 

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