Rimage Software Suite 9.2 - Installer FAQ


Rimage Software Suite 9.2 – Installer

Rimage has updated the installer used for RSS 9.2. The new installer contains all the options and information on one screen, seen in this screenshot:


Clicking the Advanced Settings will reveal other settings for custom installs. It is not recommended to change these settings for most installations unless you are familiar with the advanced options as seen in this screenshot:


To start the actual install, you will need to click the button to accept the License. Once you click this button, the install is fully automated. Once it is complete, you will have a fully functioning Rimage Software Suite installed.



Do I have to enter a password when I start the installer?

Yes, you will need to enter a valid password for an existing user account that has administrative privileges on this computer. Alternatively, you need to enter a password for a new account that conforms to your security policies.


What does it mean when I run the installer, it tells me my setup is up to date?

RSS 9.2 introduces a check to see if there is a newer version available at the time of install. This does not auto-update your software, nor does it force you to use the latest version included on the disc. If there is a new version, you are presented with the option of using the newer version during install only.


Why do I get a Windows security message about installing drivers if I’m on Windows 7?

One of the 3rd party drivers incorporated into Rimage software may prompt you with a Windows security message asking you if you trust the installer or not. This is due to the way the driver was signed and does not indicate a security concern. You will need to accept this to proceed with the install.

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